Saturday, July 31, 2010

Amy & Aaron

Soccer brought them together. Friendship tied them together. Love will keep them together.

There are times when I meet young couples and though I have no expertise for doing so, I want to counsel them to wait before plunging into marriage. Amy and Aaron are NOT that kind of couple. From the tender, respectful way they treat each other, to the way they interact with their family and friends, to the joyful and anxiety-free way in which they went through their entire wedding celebration, Amy and Aaron have a love that is mature and grounded. She was a stunning, joyful bride. He was a proud and handsome groom. It was the kind of wedding that makes you feel 100% confident in the commitment these two are making to one another. What an honor to help tell the story of this first chapter of the rest of their lives together!

Amy and Aaron, I can't wait to share your whole gallery with you! But for now enjoy a little taste...

Check out more of Amy & Aaron's photos here!

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