Saturday, September 25, 2010

Luke + Abbie

This story goes back a couple of generations. Oehrigs come from frugal, German stock, the kind that saved fastidiously and spent responsibly. A lot of my current financial well-being is owed to this legacy. So it was an even more remarkably generous thing when the patriarch of our family, my grandpa, offered to fly the whole clan to Bermuda for an unprecedented destination family reunion. So four generations of Oehrig - 27 in total - descended upon the island. It was the first time in 10 years we had all been in the same place...albeit with a few new additions.

I had the added honor of shooting some engagement photos for my cousin and her fiance. The azure waters in the early morning light were stunning. Really, I couldn't have taken a bad picture in this setting!

Abbie and Luke, I LOVED doing this shoot with you, thanks for the privilege! Can't wait for your wedding in May!


 To see more of Abbie and Luke's photos click here

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  1. Rebecca, this cool and it looks more like heavenly. Come take some shots of me 2! Joshua, Nampula