Monday, November 1, 2010

Liz + Josh

It was the first really cold day of the Fall and as I left home for Minnehaha Park, I grimaced at the fact that it was a mere 42 degrees. In September. Welcome to Minnesota. But I think Liz and Josh forgot all about the cold as they just enjoyed each others' company. I love the tenderness with which they hold each others' gaze, the gentle touch, the laughter, the gleam in their eyes. Yup, these two are in love! But they are not just in la-la-land with their heads in the clouds and their heart all aflutter. Their relationship has depth and maturity. There is respect and admiration. There is compassion and humility. This is the kind of love that will see them through the many years to come, that will embrace them through the sorrow, celebrate with them through the joy, strengthen them through the dark times, and make the good times even richer.

Liz and Josh, your love is beautiful. Thank you for the honor of capturing it with my camera. Can't wait to tell the story of your wedding day!