Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 Beautiful Days ::Infant Photography::

Oh, how I love to meet sweet babies who are just days into their life in this world. I love to ponder who they may become - the personalities they will have, the dreams they will pursue, the stories they will live. This lovely little one has some pretty incredible parents and one adorable, sweet-natured older sister. So I have no doubt that her life will be an adventure and that she will receive all the love, support, and community we all need to make it.

Kate and Dave, thanks for the honor of capturing her first days of life. It will be a joy to watch her grow up in your loving care.

It doesn't get cuter than a sleeping baby curled up in a bowl
Unless of course you add peacock feathers!
Love the bright eyes and grin!
Sister time!
Her older sister is just as precious
I love the tenderness in these photos
Check out Kate's amazing eyes!

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