Friday, February 4, 2011

Offbeat Bride!

For all you eco-friendly, socially conscious, retro, hippie, DIY, hipster, punk, and otherwise nontraditional brides out there, check out Offbeat Bride right now. Seriously. Ariel and her team have done a fabulous job of pulling together tips, tools, resources, and a community to support you in your nontraditional wedding planning endeavors.

This is a place where I feel right at home, among couples who are thinking outside the box and finding creative ways to express who they are and the love they share. So I am pumped, enthused, excited, thrilled and honored to officially be an Offbeat Vendor.

So go check out the hippest wedding community out there. And if you peruse out their blog TODAY you'll even catch their write up on Liminality.

Now go check them out! And if you are looking for a wedding photographer, mention this blog post or my vendor profile on Offbeat and I will give you 10% off your entire wedding package.

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