Monday, March 14, 2011

Rachel & Darren ::Baby Bump::

Rachel is one of those unique friends that has been woven through various stages of my life. We were first acquainted back in high school, but have more recently been becoming closer friends in our adult years as we navigate the waters of relevant faith, community, relationships and being small business owners and artists. She is a truly delightful (and insightful) comrade on this twisting road of life. 

Before I go on to rave about my recent shoot with her and Darren, I first need to give some major props to her creative prowess. Rachel is a talented graphic designer and owner of Birdy Blue Design. Not only does she creative lovely invitations and other paper design products (check out her Etsy shop) but she also rocks logos and business, for instance, all the branding for Liminality. I love her work!

Now...on to the photos. I really enjoyed getting to spend the afternoon photographing Rachel and Darren as they prepare for the birth of their first little one. I have the joy as a photographer of getting to glimpse aspects of relationships that I don't necessarily see on a day-to-day basis. Getting to capture the sweet, fun, tenderness between Darren and Rachel was no exception. Adorable. 


  1. hey becca! i love the photos! the b&w are gorgeous. :-) didn't know you were doing this, and so fun to look through your work.

  2. you rock becca, these are so special to us.

  3. Thanks all for the encouraging comments. And Rachel - thanks for being such an adorable subject =)