Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Cole ::Infant Photography::

Every time I do an infant session I am struck by the honor it is to capture a person's first days of life. Baby Cole's shoot was no exception. This little guy was so adorable, so good-natured and so fun to photograph. But I think the best part of the morning with Cole was getting to see the way his parents adore and care for him. The way he responded to their voices and their touch was heartwarming - he was so safe and content in their arms that you can see it their photos. 

Thank you L and C for the distinct joy of working with you and Cole! Enjoy this preview of your photos:

Cole's grandpa made this beautiful cradle.

"Guido" the monkey was Cole's dad's and we had to get at least one shot of them together. I imagine that Cole is saying "good grief." in this one.



  1. I think these are some of your best baby pics yet! Love the monkey!!

  2. I think so too...just honing my skills for Baby Boy Johnson's session! =)