Monday, June 13, 2011

Isabel ::Infant Photography::

Sweet little Isabel was an absolute doll for her photo shoot. She hardly put up a fuss with all the moving and posing, and even let us take her outside for a few shots. At just 7 days old, she is simply perfect. As with each of the infants I have gotten to photograph, I wonder who she will become as she grows and matures and journeys through life. It makes you want to shield her from all the difficulties and direct her toward all the joys, but her journey is her own and of course the one is not as sweet without the other.

Sweet Isabel, it is a pleasure to have met you as you embark on this adventure called life. May you have enough trials to build a deep soul and enough joys to approach life with a great deal of hope. You've got a wonderful set of parents to help you on your way! Someday you will get to look at these photos from your first week of life. Enjoy:

This cradle was Isabel's great-grandfathers when he was a baby. It has been passed down through the family. So cool!

Love how she put her hand over her head

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