Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kalea ::Baby Photography::

Photographing Kalea's one-year mark was such a joy! Her mom, Katy is a friend from college and her aunt is a friend from high school so it was a fun reunion as we commemorated her first year of life with some lovely photos in her grandma's (beautifully landscaped) backyard.

Kalea has a sweet spirit and there was hardly a photo when she wasn't all smiles. I just love her bright blue eyes and white-blonde hair that glows in the sunlight. It was a beautiful day with a beautiful family, and with no further ado, here are some of the beautiful photos.

She made a game of popping up and down in the basket.

Those little toes were playing with the ferns. Love it.

Love that grin!

Kalea was so sweet with her little cousin. He was the only one who got kisses

Piano-playing can be serious business.

Thanks Kalea and Katy for the privilege of shooting these photos!

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