Friday, February 1, 2013

Zoey & Claire :: Infant Session ::

These precious little girls were born 8 weeks early, and though their infant session was two months later, it was only 11 days after their due date. They are now thriving and it is so fun to see their different preferences and personalities already coming through. Though she usually sleeps better, Claire was active and awake - like she just didn't want to miss anything. Zoey was content to just snuggle down and snooze. Zoey liked being warm and wrapped up, Claire need her arms and legs free to wiggle and kick.

Thank you Chris and Britta for the honor of capturing this beginning of their lives. It will be a wonder to watch as these girls grow up and into their see who they each become and how they each impact the world.

But for now, they are precious and and sweet and cuddly and perfect. See what I mean:


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